Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wed-- Shoulders/bi/tri

I can tell it's been a while (forever) since I've done this dvd.  I had a few setbacks.  Like the straight arm shoulder flies.  I used to use 10lb weights and barely get to 16, today I was really struggling at number 10 and I switched to 5lbs.

But I also had a victory-- This sounds small, but I'm so excited! I did ***3*** straight leg chair dips! TWICE  lol.. Yeah, 3 is nothing, but I've been too scared to even try doing chair dips with straight legs.  I finished up with bent knee and I feel so good about myself.

I also got brave enough to hit play on Ab RipperX.. Oh man, in almost 14 months this is only the 2nd or 3rd time I've tried it.  I did about half of it and I was pretty happy with myself! And when I say I did about half I mean I did my best and then threw a fit and turned off the dvd player.

I did pretty well on the In and outs.. 20 reps vs the 25 they did.  Same with the bicycle both ways.. something happened to me when I hit 20 and I just fell apart.  Getting 5 more would have been impossible.  When they got to the crunchy frog things started falling apart.  I did 20 more in and outs.  The cross arm sit up thingies? Meh..  I did some cross crunches.  Then I did my best on the Fifer scissors, my form was terrible and that's when I threw in the towel.  

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