Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday is rest day!

Alright.. I can't believe I've finally committed to this, but here goes! You are here to track my progress, keep me accountable, and maybe even keep me company!  Here goes everything.. I'm using real numbers here.  

This is me 32weeks pregnant.  I have no idea what my actual weight was here, but it was high.. and it went up  to 382.  That's 49lbs I gained while pregnant.  (ouch!) 

This is 5/5/11
My girl is 7.5 months old After a failed attempt at the 30 day shred in April I finally buckle down.  I join a weight loss challenge for moms. We're all throwing in a (cloth) diaper and the winner gets them! I was ready.. I wanted to lose weight, I finally had lost the baby weight (and 3 more lbs) I'm 330lbs in this pic.   My (ex) other half had been doing P90X for a few months and I started working out with him.  

This is the end of the weight loss challenge 6/5/11  I busted my butt and lost 22lbs in 30 days. 308ish is my set point.. I was this weight for years with little to no change.  

8/8/11  307lbs.. not a lot happened from June to August.  


9/25/11  My my girl is 1 year and 3 days old.  I REALLY wanted to hit 100lbs lost in one year, but it didn't happen.  It took me 1 year 1 month and 29 days to hit that milestone.  297lbs

12/7/2011  277lbs  I've finally hit the 100+lbs lost stage and I'm pretty pleased with myself.  My belt is about 4" too long on the smallest setting.  

12/23/11 274lbs  My girly fits inside my coat :D 

 1/7/12  Just got a great new haircut, and I'm plugging along.  My weight fluctuates a LOT.. I can retain a ton of water.. On Friday the 6th I was at 266lbs.. Monday I was 276.  This was a Saturday I'm somewhere in between.  

1/13/12  271lbs I just bought 3 new pair of pants off of ebay.  When I get them I realize I have no idea what size I actually wear.  They're all too big for me.  Yay, but damnit.. I still have no pants that fit! 

This is the just the beginning.  Mondays I'll be weighing in.. here.  Real numbers for the whole world to see.  Today is Sunday.. rest day in the P90X world.. and Day 10 for me. I'm planning pizza for dinner, so expecting some weekend bloat tomorrow.  You'd think that would discourage me, but alas, I'm not quite there yet.   


  1. My weight fluctuates at least ten pounds between every cycle (!). I found your site via Pinterest and will be joining you on your journey. I am still struggling to change, one bad habit at a time. You can follow me on

    Best of luck to you and I look forward to reading your blog!
    :) Alma

    1. Thanks Alma! Breaking one habit at a time is quite a feat in itself.. at least for me.. I'm just trying to minimize the bad habits at this point :D

  2. :-) You're one fantastic beautiful woman. Great job. Love you.

  3. I'm so impressed. I'm skinny/fat. I look skinny but I'm in terrible shape. I long for the strong, fit body I once had that was full of energy. Today I'm going to work out! It will be tough but I have to. If not for me then for my babies to grow up with an active, healthy lifestyle. Your awesome. Keep it up!

    1. You've got this! Check in later and let me know what you did :D

  4. I'm so thrilled that you've started this blog. I'll be reading, commenting and hopefully getting and giving inspiration and motivation.
    Oh hey, I found of pic of me close to my top weight...I will scan it and share it with you sometime. :-)
    *smooch* love you!