Monday, June 25, 2012

This past week was weird

I actually did an ok job of working out, I just didn't have anything left to say.

Thursday was YogaX day.. I didn't do it.  I took 2 - 2 mile walks.  My big girl had some very long dr appts that threw us off.

Friday was Legs n Back.  I did the first half with the baby seriously.. baby wall squats!?  Too cute, but she always becomes distressed at the dead lift squats, so with 30 min left I sent both girls outside so I could finish up.  I was bringing it! OMGosh I was owning that dvd and so proud.. I even stripped off my t shirt to finish in my sports bra cause I was so hot.  Not 10 seconds after I rip my shirt off I get a knock at the door.  I opened it and it's my big girl's friend.  I tell her they're outside and start to shut the door.. she says " I know Lila is hurt"  Yeah.. done with that workout.  My baby girl got her foot stuck in a bike, the stars aligned for me though, there was a cop answering a noise complaint at the building next to mine, he and the neighbor who called the cops took the bike apart while I nursed Lila in the street.  Anyway, she is fine.  She glared at the paramedics, but was very quick to take the little stuffed ducky from them.

Saturday - 2 mile walk and cleaned the hell out of my apt.

Sunday-- rest day.. 2 mile walk and I was done!

Today's Monday..weigh in day and I'm pretty excited.  219.2! All that pms weight + 2lbs.. gone.. it's about damn time!

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