Thursday, June 7, 2012

Progress again.

Alrighty.. Here we go! 

330lbs                                     257lbs
These were both taken today.  
222lbs                                               222lbs  

330lbs                                           257lbs

222lbs                                        222lbs

So my profile pics will forever more be taken with me looking at the camera because I've got a neck waddle thing happening that I'm far too young to have.  Please let that tighten up.  

I've been bitching that everything on me is saggy.. and it is, but really it's just a sign that the fat that was filling that skin out is disappearing so I'm trying to be ok with it.  Hopefully I'm still young enough that it'll tighten up after I quit losing.  (I'm reading 6ish months after I quit losing things will start looking better) 

That's a 35lb loss since the beginning of March.  I'm REALLY happy with that considering my lack of activity over the past 2 months.  I lose in spurts.. March was good for me and the past 2 weeks have been good.  Just the fact that I didn't gain in between is encouraging.  I used to fluctuate 10ish lbs up and down.. Now it's only 3-4lbs.  

I did half of plyo today, and worked up a really great sweat.  I'm hoping I can find it in me to do something this afternoon.  I've been feeling ultra lazy.  

Here's one from yesterday.

And because it's pretty.. 

Lunch made me happy.  


  1. Yay! Thanks for pinning your progress on Pinterest. I don't know if fellow pinners will ever know their full impact on my life (yes, even the Pins of desserts, lol). Last night I signed up for my third 5K after not jogging in months. This is exactly what I needed to see right after my first jog today :) Alma

  2. You look FANTASTIC! I love seeing progress pics!!


  3. Thanks you guys! It is harder to see it in the mirror. I think taking the pics is really helping me.