Monday, October 15, 2012

211 this morning.

That was a little surprising.  I went on a carby binge over the weekend.  Still no working out.  I fool myself into saying I've been busy with tamale stuff, but who am I kidding? I could carve out an hour if I really wanted to.  I really want to lose 20-30lbs before I go to TX for Christmas.  I need to buckle down.  Here's a pic from the weekend.  I swear my friend's camera has magical properties.

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  1. Good luck with your Christmas goal! I stumbled on your blog while doing a search for P90X on Mothering and it led me here. I'm definitely ordering it now. :) You look amazing and I love your blog. You are brutally honest and down-to-earth and boy can I relate to your struggle! Thanks for sharing so much and giving people hope. :)