Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Plyo Day

I'm just gonna say, I was tired when I started.  The girls and I took a 3 mile walk this morning, Came home did many many loads of laundry, some deep cleaning like moving out the couches.. (The sandbox is ruining my life.  I'm not a neat freak by any stretch, but I can't handle the grime all over my floors! I hate wearing shoes/socks so it's a real problem in my life.) Did dishes, folded the laundry I washed ect ect.. It was a super busy day and I didn't hit play til 5pm.

Lila was precious.  She kicked butt doing the warm up with me.  She did stuff she normally does, like the lunge sequence! Her little baby form is hilarious.  She did the deep prayer squats , but she's done that before.  She marched in place, seriously.. it was too freakin cute.  I didn't get any pictures though.  :(

Anyway that's my list of excuses for only doing 1/2 of plyo.. Well 1/2 plus the 10 min warm up.  I'll do better tomorrow.  Tomorrow is shoulders and arms.. I love shoulders and arms.

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