Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm still making progress.. slowly.

Every 20lbs of so I have a crisis of self.  That's about how much it takes before I notice or see a change in my body and face.  It's almost a full blown identity crisis.  I feel like I don't even look like myself anymore.  

20lbs isn't a dramatic difference on my body, but I definitely think it *is* a difference.  The middle picture was May of this year, and the one on the left is today.  The v-neck on my dress is definitely lower, and holy crap I have collar bones! I'm kinda in love with that really.  

Yeah, I'm really bad at this, just pretend 1/2 of the first pic isn't chopped off.  I'm picasa stupid.  That was 2009 I'm thinking I was around 300 there.  The middle pic was 2/1/12 (258lbs) and lastly today (211.8)  My face is different.  I don't know that it's in a good way.  
 This dress just keeps getting longer and longer. I tried to tell myself 20lbs ago that it was just a little roomy and I could still wear it.  At least I had the good sense not to do that.  I was swimming in it then, and it's extra bad now!
It was knee length at one point! 

I spent a long time trying to decide if I was ever going to post a pic like this.. and I resisted.  I don't know what gave me the balls to finally do it.  After the break, there's a picture of my wrinkly saggy "OMG how am I ever going to have sex again?" belly.  

I do think somewhere under there I've got a nice shape, but will I ever really see it!?  Can that belly really "bounce back"?  Umm.. yeah, I don't really have anything else to say now.  There it is.


  1. What an amazing transformation! You will tighten all that up as you continue to work out but even with that loose skin your gorgeous shape is very clear to see. Be proud girl! Xoxo

  2. Seriously I can't thank you enough for being brave enough to post your belly picture. As someone slowly following behind you, as I watch my bat wings grow and flap around, feel my stomach as it deflates, I do wonder and no one ever seems to show that part, the deflated skin.

    I do think you are simply amazing and absolutely gorgeous. You rock and there is so a guy out there for you. :-) Even at my fattest, I never lacked attention. If someone is out there who'd be attracted to me at my highest weight there will be someone out there for deflated. Well that would be if I wasn't married. :-) He doesn't care, as long as it's there, what shape it's in.

  3. Beautiful. You are so inspiring. :)

  4. Replies
    1. LOL! Amazing would have been working out instead of freaking out.

  5. Keep it up..losing weight is a long process I know this from my own journey..its a real test but once you get to the point you want to be it all pays off!

    Very look great! : )

    Hope your having a wonderful week!

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