Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 6 - day 1-- Done!

Now I'm really back! After my attempt to Yoga X last week, my fever came back on Friday and put me back in bed for another day.  So, naturally, I laid around all weekend, watched some TV, read a book, caught up on laundry, and did a giant pile of dishes ect.  But now it's Monday.  Monday is always "back on track" day.  No one ever starts stuff on a Thursday.

2 weeks ago I started phase 2.. Oh man I love the phase 2 chest shoulders and tri.. But I injured myself.  I didn't bother with the fancy push-ups.  I decided I knew better and I'd just do standard girl push-ups on my knees.  I'm not quite the bad@$$ I think I am! .. So today, I'm gonna do the fancy push-ups.. Back on the stairs.  The fly push-ups and one armed may have to be a wall exercise, I guess we'll find out.

P90X has 12 weeks in it.. I just couldn't bring myself to start over at day 1.. I know it's, cheating, but damnit.. I will finish this program.  And if it hadn't been for a tiny bit of influenza I'd be on week 7 right now. From now on I'll be counting weeks.

Today's also weigh in day.

Last Monday I was 253
Tuesday 251.6
Wed 251.4
Sat 249.8
MONDAY -------------244.4!

First of all, let me say no, I don't think I lost 8+lbs of fat in one week.  That doesn't happen.  No one loses 4lbs overnight.  Clearly there's some water weight going on here.  At the same time I've been waiting for this for weeks.  I've been feeling my body change, even seeing it and the numbers didn't match up to that at all.  I've been over due for a big loss.  I do feel like this is the real deal and not just "I was violently ill" weight loss though! It just took the flu to knock out that plateau.  I'll keep that in mind and go visit a germy friend next time I'm stuck.  ;-)

Alright baby's been plopped down in front of the TV for long enough.  I'm gonna put my shoes on and hit BRING IT! I've got 10 more days in this March Challenge I want to see how far I can take this!

Done! Chest Shoulders Triceps.. well, 75% of it is done.  I'm beat and enjoying my shakeology.

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