Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I need a new Tuesday workout

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Plyometrics.  I LOVE it.  The workout, the feeling I get after, the sense of accomplishment, the sweat, ALL of that.. I really do love it.  But OMG It's so emotionally draining I can't take it.

When I was pseudo-married, working out became our couple time.  Plyo in particular was really great for us.  We'd line up and do the moves.  We'd stare each other in the eyes and really focus on one another.  We pushed each other.  (Especially after the break up lol.. neither of us wanted to quit first!--don't ask we complicated things way more than we should have.) I still find myself lining up on "my" side of the room for Double Airborne Heisman.. And not knowing where to look during swing kicks or circle run.  Plyo Day has become an emotional nightmare.  I need a plan B stat.  How I can take care of his kids every day, talk to him most days and be generally ok with things, then fall apart on Plyo day I'll never understand.

I'm trying to decide how much of this is PMS related and how much is Plyo related.  I'm willing to bet it's the first vs the second.  Today was rough.  I'm tired.  35 min of plyo done.  If next week is this hard I'm gonna start subbing with kenpoX.  This is probably a sign that I need to just break down and order P90X2.. I could use a new program that doesn't carry so much baggage.

Lila was particularly cute today.  During the lungs sequence she'd follow me and every time I got into a really deep lunge she'd push my butt up to help me.. clearly, that's not a natural position for Mama to be in.  I tried to get a pic of her deep prayer squats, but she's on to me.. I'll keep trying cause, Oh man, that's adorable!


  1. I love plyos. I do them about once a week. I think it's an awesome way to mix up the workouts.


    1. Yes, Plyo is great, breaking down in tears in the middle of plyo is less great! LOL

  2. Just saw you on IM,

    Just read your first post,

    Just think I could love you. ;)

    What's P90X2? I did Power 90 the ONLY time I EVER committed to losing weight, for real, and it was awesome (although I STILL quit after like, 6 weeks! *snarf*).

    So, is P90X2 the "Extreme" version I've seen advertised?

    That scares the Bejeebus outta me! More Power (90? Ugh, terrible!) to ya!!


    1. Nice to have you here! I can use all the love I can get lol.

      P90X2 is just another beachbody program. They changed a few things up, like the YogaX is only 66 min vs the 90 it is in the first version. I haven't done it, but I hear it's pretty great!