Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm back--kinda

The flu is awful.  I've been feeling like someone beat me all over with a baseball bat.  The big girl is going back to school tomorrow.  The baby and I have been fever free for about 24 hours now, I think we're past the worst of it.  But she we took a crazy long nap today.

I'm still super tired, but I'm really gonna try and get back on the wagon.  I think I'm gonna x stretch tomorrow and try to get some cardioX in for the rest of the week.  I'd like to do more, but I'm still very weak.  I'm gonna take it one day at a time.  I really want to be ready to Bring It on Monday so I think it best to take it easy til then.

Sunday before the plague hit my happy home, I did KenpoX and 1/2 of YogaX.. Then I took the big girl to go get gym clothes because her shorts were too short.  We walked to the nearest big box store and back (about a 2 mile RT)  I kicked p90x's behind, I fit into a shirt I couldn't fit into when I bought it 2 months ago, and I took the kids for a walk! Then I stood in the dressing room and saw this.

It was not a good moment for my ego.. Ok there's not really anything else to say about that.. But this is all about accountability so there ya have it.  

We came home, Lila was crankier than normal and I figured she was just hot from the walk.  It was in the mid 80s and I wore her the whole way home.  We played outside in the pool and she was happier so I didn't think much of it til I started feeling bad.  (I'm a terrible mom!) That's when I realized she wasn't hot from babywearing, and cranky from being sleepy... she's sick! 

Monday morning we headed straight to urgent care.  Her Dr does walk-ins but it's difficult to get everyone in and this was just easier.  Lila and I tested positive for the flu (yay!) we didn't bother testing Reya since she was pretty much over it.  Hers has become a lovely secondary infection.  But in better news my blood pressure is pretty damn good! Not good for someone my size, just good! 110/60 I was proud.  

I've been lamenting about the scale not moving, but I'm trying to be a better sport about it.  No, the numbers haven't changed in a while, but other things have.  I have another pair of jeans that are officially too big for me.. Like out of the dryer "too big for me" not "too big at the end of the day, but they're fine for now"  It's a small victory, but I like it.  I'm only 5-8lbs lighter than I was when I got them.  So, little change on the scale, big change in the clothes.  (ok, this one sounds lame before I even type it, but whatever) My wrist bone is sticking out.  Go ahead.. laugh, but only for a second.  The point is that my wrist is dramatically smaller.. Which lead me to look at my forearm.  Also much smaller than it used to be.  I quit looking there.  I'm 97% sure that all of that fat has migrated to my upper arms.  

I was 250 and a size 22W when I got pregnant with Reya.  After my pregnancy I lost the baby weight, but was still in a 24W jeans.  Now I have a pair of 22W jeans that are too big, The jeans in the pic up there are 20W.  I'm pretty sure it was middle school last time I was in that size.  I'm gaining muscle, and losing mass even if the scale isn't changing.  


  1. Not sure what lead me here to your blog, but I'm here and have been for a couple of weeks. Post-pregnancy with my second I was 215 lbs barely fitting into size 16 pants. I saw a picture of myself and knew it wasn't me. I started a journey and 2 yrs later down to 170lbs and a loose 12. There it stopped, after weeks I gave up and didn't look back. As my clothes got tighter I jumped on the scale to see 180! I am busy, working full time with a 3 and 5 yr old......means no time. When I see that you might not do the entire video or modify the parts you can't do, I realize that I just quit. So I am re committed to doing "something", running after the kids on their bikes, lunges while watching tv, and today most of 10-minute trainer total body and abs. Maybe I can't pass 170, but I can get into a size 10!!! THANK YOU

    1. You are absolutely's not an "all or nothing" journey!

    2. Mr. Horton likes to say "Do your best and forget the rest" It doesn't matter how much I fail, as long as I feel like I "brought it" I'm ok with it :D

      You've got this! Keep me updated :D

  2. Funny, I was thinking that you looked great in that changeroom picture, when I read further and saw that you weren't happy about it. It's all about perception!