Monday, March 19, 2012

Begining of week 6

 The big girl has been running a fever since Wed.  The baby and I started last night.  I can pretty much guarantee I'm down for a few days.  We're heading to the dr.  The baby has never had a sick appt and the big girl hasn't had one in years.  This is bad.

Weigh in today 253lbs.  I'd complain, but I'm too sick to care.  (Also, a pair of jeans is now officially too big, and a shirt that kept popping open now fits beautifully. So even though the numbers haven't changed my body is changing.)


  1. Hi - I just joined as a follower...I'm also trying to lose weight and blogging about it for accountability. It does really seem to help. Those none scale victories are wonderful! Hope you all feel better soon.

  2. Hope the babies are ok. Missing your posts :)

    Get better!

    1. We're on the mend! Still tired, but on the mend :-)