Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 19--

 Little miss is still sick.  She quit vomiting around 4am, but I've had to hold her ALL. DAY. LONG.  And when I say hold her I mean hold.. she wouldn't let me wear her either.  This is what I did most of the day.

So then the plan became to wait til big sister got home from school, let her tend to the baby and I'll Plyo as scheduled.  Around 4 she was a little happier, I am able to put her on my back, but plyo is really difficult.  All the jumping is a problem, lol.. Instead I decide we'll do legs and back.  I'll catch up on cardio later in the week.  

2 exercises in I realize she's out cold.  YAY.  I continue working out and things are good.  I didn't add any weights to the lunges or the calf raises because having 20lbs of baby strapped to you really does change the workout! 

I did 17 of these without touching my foot to the floor! Go me! 

Halfway through I get to the deal lift squats... 

I woke up the baby.  

She cried.  A lot.  She's clearly not going back to sleep for me.  :( I give up.  

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