Monday, February 27, 2012

Bad ass or punk? I can't decide

Lila's sick.. And I'm exhausted, but I hit play anyway.  I wore the baby the whole freakin time.  She thought this stretch was the best thing in the world. 

I already modify everything, and today was no different.  I didn't even attempt diver bombers or decline push-ups today.  Instead I just did more standard push-ups and called it a day.  I'm sweating and my arms are about to give out, but I did...most of it.  At the 8 min left mark, I threw in the towel.  

I feel like a bad ass because 1 I hit play and 2 I did it with a BABY ON MY BACK.  At the same time.. Ugh 8 min left!? I couldn't man up for 8 more minutes??? I still plan on attempting Ab Ripper X this week.  But that'll have to wait, that just isn't an option with a sleeping girl on my back.  

Anyway Day 18-- Done! 


  1. That you even _do it_ with a baby on your back is AMAZING. Really.

  2. Amanda you continue to do an excellent job. Keep it up!!!!