Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anyone else feel like a slug on Saturdays? - Day 16- Done

Saturday is supposed to be KenpoX day, but I did that Thursday in lieu of YogaX.. Sooo I think I'm gonna mix it up with a little Plyo today.  My weekend bloating started early, I gained 6lbs over night between Friday morning and Saturday morning.  I was up 8lbs from Friday morning to Friday evening.. WOW.. How does that even happen? Ah PMS.. That's how.  My attitude sucks, I'm retaining water, my apt is a mess.. Yep, all the signs are there.  Until recently, I had a Mirena IUD.  I didn't notice major cycle changes on my body.. This will take some getting used to.  I don't like it at all.  I'll update when I get it done.  Baby's napping on me right now.. sounds like time to fold laundry or something else that means I don't have to sweat yet.

40 min of Plyo done.  I'm not so sure doing plyo the day after legs and back is a good idea.  I'll have to think on that one.  I'm drained.

Ok I'm showered and dressed and I feel a million times better than before the meltdown.  lol

This is today 256lbs.. I'm kinda squinty, but whatever.  :)


  1. I need you to teach me how to dress! You always look fantastic. Rage on, it seems to be working fo ya! :) Your commitment is inspiring.

  2. Why the heck am I unknown???

  3. "always" LOLOL No, I only post pics where I'm dressed :P Ya, know, there's remarkably little rage. Sometimes I wonder why, but I'm doing alright :) (And you're unknown cause you must not be logged into google )