Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 15--Done! Or as done as it's gonna get.

Oh man, I'm dragging today.  The baby girl is too.  The plan was to head to the mall to do some walking with my mommy group, ( I really missed out here-- they walked about 4 miles!) but as I ran upstairs to grab some laundry to start before we went, Lila crawled in bed and laid there with the most pathetic look on her face.  She was pretty insistent about going back to bed.  So we did.  Half an hour later or so I was finally able to squirm out of her grasp.

In my head this is where I do legs and back.. Then I'm done for the day and I can chill, but, no.  Instead I pinned a few things on pinterest, found  a great recipe for dinner, posted it to Facebook for approval from all my friends, checked some email... you get the gist.  All that took about 30 min before she wakes up. No legs and back for me.. 

So we packed up and went to Kroger to get out of the house and pick up stuff to make aforementioned great recipe.  It's a nice 2ish mile walk.  Baby was happy, I got out of the house all was good.  

Every time I considered working out I found something shiny to distract myself with.  Finally my 13yo came home and I was able to get it done.  There were some great photo ops with Lila working out with me.. Or climbing on my leg while I was in a lunge, but trust me.. this was not a flattering angle for me. 

Here's little miss doing some Huggers! (ignore the basket of clean laundry--just keeping it real)

And OMGosh here she is in the horse stance! Are you kidding me!? 

Right after the stretching Big sister took her to another room and they read a book about dinosaurs.  I finally got to work.  Today was a just hit play kinda day.  I hate to admit it, but I don't feel like I brought it.  I feel like I'm damn lucky to have got to the end in general.  I used weights on some of the exercises that I normally don't.  I added weight to my calf raises (from 10 to 15lbs.) little things.  Tomorrow I'll be able to feel it I'm sure.  I'm just missing out on the post workout high.  #melancholy


  1. I love those pic's of Lila working out with you!
    I only managed a 3-4km hike in the woods with my dog today. I did however get all of our errands done today *on time* and we didn't even get to swimming lessons late! :-)

  2. "only" LOL! And getting anything done on time is an accomplishment for me!