Monday, August 6, 2012

How quickly we can undo progress.

  I spent the weekend with some of my bestest girlfriends in the world.  Some I haven't seen in 4.5 years, some I haven't seen in 3 years and others I'm just now meeting!  My mommy forum from 13 years ago is still going and now that our kids are older we party like rock stars.  There was so much booze, candy, food, (SUGAR PIE?!?!? I had no idea this was a thing.. Stupid Canadian friends are ruining my life!) laughter, conversation, and over all amazing feelings.  I had such a great time, but now it is back to real life.

The weekend set me back 10lbs.  That's not a typo.  I'm not even typing the number because it is depressing as hell.  But my shake O will be here tomorrow and I found a rogue sample in the back of my cabinet.  That is being consumed for breakfast. (yes it is 11am.. we slept super late today.. sleep was the one thing that wasn't in abundance over the weekend) Today I'm back on the wagon.  I'm about to get dressed and hit chest and back and really get back into the groove.

This is 2009, the last time I was at Jill's house and this past weekend.  Same tamale pot, same kitchen, different me!

This was the first thing I saw Friday morning at 7am, and there were plenty of people who hadn't shown up yet.. they too brought more booze.  Any day I get to start out with a mimosa is a good one.  

Sugar pie with nuns farts.  I think the Canadians are pulling my leg on the name, but OMG.  It's like a pecan pie with cinnamon rolls -- but they use real sugar (not corn) and who the hell needs the protein that nuts would provide.  This weekend will now be referred to as carb-o-palooza 2012.  

There are some pics of my kids being adorable after the break.  

The big girl playing video games with my friend Meagan's son

 Lila enjoying curries (she just say the picture and told me "nummy nummy" )

Emmy teaching Lila how to do puzzles.  "Don't eat them" was lesson #1

I didn't get very many pics because I was far too busy talking lol.  We had an amazing time.  

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