Monday, July 9, 2012

I love it when I do all the arm circles in the warm up

That's always my first sign that today is going to be a great workout.  Chest shoulders and triceps wiped me out! I'm feeling pretty good.  I did some walking over the weekend, but that's about it. It's still very very hot!  It stayed 100 degrees til today, this week is supposed to be much much cooler.

Last week I did 8 straight leg chair dips.. Today I did 10! Little victories like that are going to keep me going.  I've got 3.5 weeks til a big weekend with people I haven't seen since I was over 300lbs.  I'm busting ass from now til then!

PMS kicked my butt this past week.  Today's weigh in was not pretty.  221.4-- that's up almost 10lbs from last week, but Saturday was 224. something so I'm confident it's water weight and I'll have it gone very soon.  It was a very hard week watching my weight climb daily.  I've got my mind right, this week I'll shed the excess water.

I guess all I can do is pick myself up and dust myself off again.  (and again and again..)

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