Wednesday, May 23, 2012

YogaX day

I bet you thought I wouldn't come back to post lol.. I did it.. And by did I mean I did my best and fast forwarded through the shit there's no way in hell I can do.  Backbend? HA! Anyway.. I'm good, sweaty and happy.  :)

Little miss helped me through some, and then decided she was going to go outside and play with her big sister.  I asked her "Lila I thought you were going to play Yoga with mommy" "No." and she toddles off.

Before-- I couldn't find a ponytail holder, normally I'd substitute an ink pen, but I didn't have one handy.. There's a pair of tweezers holding my hair back.  

She takes every opportunity she can get.  :) 

Crawling under me in downward dog.  

For a long time I didn't have any bend there! 

Still not beautiful, but it will be one day! 

There's the pillow Reya insisted I have when it was time to attempt "crane" I tried it.. it was not pretty, but I tried it! 

After.. :-) Glad I did it.  


  1. You are giving this all of your effort and it shows even in your face - not to mention your body. I am so proud of you! Keep it up, girl. And yes that Downward Dog is a huge improvement, I remember not only that you couldn't make space because of flexibility but because so much of "you" got in the way. I really smiled looking at these pics. xo

  2. LOL! Don't worry there's still plenty of me in the way for much of the yogax dvd. Instead of getting mad and turning it off, I just fast forward it now :P

  3. How cute that your daughter wants to workout with you!!


    1. She's such a great little partner! More than once I've had to strap a cranky baby to my back so I could finish a workout lol