Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Weigh-in

I started this morning at 230.6 and with a way better attitude than I've had in weeks.  I'm ready to break out of this plateau.  I tend to lose in bursts so June is going to be a KILLER month for me! (March was the last time I said that and I lost almost 18lbs remember??)

I've been sitting between 229-233 for about 6 weeks.. I'm feeling pretty confident that if I step it up now I can do pretty well.  And it's interesting that I'm not fluctuating big numbers like I was.  A lot of that is I've significantly stepped down the wheaty foods.  I haven't really cut them out because I'm weak like that, but I have cut them down dramatically.

I have also been way more proactive in the dinner prepping.  I have a ton of easily cooked meals in the freezer just ready to go for lazy nights.  That has been super helpful.  (BTW can you freeze zucchini? Hit me with your best recipes it's on sale this week and my kids LOVE zucchini)

I'm gonna try to take more progress shots later today.  I've got a closet full of clothes that are too big.  :)


  1. It inspires me to see how honest you are. Makes my mistakes feel normal. I appreciate that you are sharing all your successes and setbacks with us.

  2. I hope it's normal! I think it just comes down to life happens. Some days are good and others are not. Sometimes the not good days string together to form a month where you just can't get your mind right.. but eventually the fog will lift and you can get back to it! 6 months ago a hiatus like this would have added 10lbs or more, so I'm feeling pretty good right now.