Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chest shoulders and tri.. 1/2 way done

School's almost out and I'm a little fearful it'll be harder to work out with the big girl here than it is when I have to wrangle the baby on my own.

I watched an Insanity infomercial today and it kicked my ass into wanting to work out.  I asked Reya "What should I do" and Little Miss went and started doing wall push-ups! It was a lot of adorable and really reminded me that I'm not just hitting play for me.. I'm trying to be a good example to my girls.

A few days ago the little one was doing some twisty move and I asked if she was doing YogaX... She immediately got down in downward dog!

Taking it easy last week wasn't all laziness (just mostly) I stepped up the calories by a lot and made a very conscious effort to eat more.  It isn't a lot, but I am at a new low weight this morning (by 1lb lol) but I'm still happy about it.  This week I fully intend on breaking my 230-233 plateau.  

Even though I haven't seen much actual change in the numbers I have noticed things changing.  I've got another pair of jeans I could wear now, but couldn't before.  I just bought another pair (man, I love goodwill!) that will be my next "goal" jeans.  They're 18average.. I got them on but they weren't flattering at all.  Must work on that.  


  1. So. Much. Cuteness. I'm inspired. Your girls are lucky to have you as a role model.

  2. She loves to work out with her mama! <3 <3