Monday, April 30, 2012


Chest and back today.. OMG I brought it! Maybe a little too much, I didn't pace myself for round 2, and the number of reps declined with each exercise.

I did girly pushups! A bunch of them! Standard, Military, Wide fly <-- Kicked ass on those!, Diamond I did on the stairs, decline I didn't do at all.  I subbed standard and the same for Diver Bombers.  Well I tried to do them then I fell on my face.  It happens I guess.  I will say, you've never seen anyone so damn proud to fall on their face.  I haven't done Chest and back in a while.  It felt good, kinda like seeing an old friend.

Still hanging in there with the no smoking thing.  And today's Monday.. Weigh in day.  This morning 232.2.

I'm feeling pretty good.  :)


  1. Looks like we both went on vacation!

  2. Thanks for the kick in the pants! ;-)

  3. No problem. I thought about you while I was away. Here's to knocking the moss off our back sides and getting back on the bandwagon!