Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday weigh in

I haven't intentionally been quiet.. just crazy busy! This weekend was The Great Cloth Diaper Change I've been trying to hunt down food, and when that didn't work cooking! 

Here are a few pics from the event

Me and the girly--trying to cop a feel lol

Lila and her friend Libby-- Lila stole her taggy blanket and was hugging to apologize

Before the change

After! That's a custom diaper from a friend

My little girly-poo

Anyway we had a great time, ate a ton and worked out little none.  Oops.  

Naturally, today's Monday and I have to fess up.  Today's weight 235.4.  

Back on the wagon.. I still have a ton of work to do before August! 

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