Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I was kicking Plyo's @$$

So first of all, Little Miss has been extra extra clingy, but she won't let me wear her anymore.  I think she's figured out that she falls asleep and since she's anti nap.. she's now anti Mei Tai.  I've been doing my best.

This past weekend we got her a sandbox.  It's like her tiny piece of heaven.  She adores it.

She spent all morning either in my lap or banging on the sliding door so she could go out and play in the sand.  So I took advantage.  

I popped in the plyo dvd, opened up the door and let her go to it while I worked out.  Then I looked up and she's nowhere to be seen.  Now, each exercise is 30 seconds except the last one that's 60.  She couldn't have been gone long.  She was literally less than 50 feet from me (probably closer to 30)  All was fine, she was still on the deck, just out of eyesight, but holy heart attack.  This girl doesn't come out when she's called.. she hunkers down and hides! I once found her hiding behind the couch with a pack of gum.. and in the laundry room.. with a pack of gum.  Yeah, she's a smart little cookie! 

So after that, I threw in the towel.  I got a good 30 min of cardio in, and I'll get some more this evening.  

 I was totally bringing it! My swing kicks were higher than normal and my landings were softer.  I'm proud of my performance today.  

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  1. I'm new to reading your blog & it sounds like you are doing great. The past 2 days you sound like you have had accomplishing workouts & you are setting a wonderful example for that little miss of yours, who is adorable by the way. I have a son around the same age (getting ready to be 3) and part of my motivation is to be a healthy and active role model for him. I also have more energy to enjoy him after dropping some weight, another great plus, and what a fun age to be able to really enjoy. :)