Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 22 - Done!

I live right in the middle of the "High" risk area.. So this morning is full of tornado prep.  Hopefully I'll get my workout in a bit later.  (And my crappy little townhouse doesn't blow away!) 

All that hype for 5 minutes of rain.  Pretty much the entire storm missed us! 

I spent most (ok, all) of the day tracking this storm, and setting up my laundry room for a nice long camp out.  By the time I realized the storm was passing us by, I had to make dinner, feed the kids, oh yeah, and workout! 

It is HARD to hit play at 8pm.  REALLY REALLY HARD.  

But I did it. Legs and back.. (yes, I was supposed to plyo, but uh.  I like legs and back better.)


  1. Aha! Kentucky!

    I was about to kill myself for not knowing your state!!

    (Did you ever watch "Friends"? The Thanksgiving Episode where Chandler's game is trying to write out all 50 states? He's like, it's fun, b/c it's educational, and it makes you want to Kill Yourself!"

  2. LOL! I'm absolutely of the Friends generation! I'm from Texas (DFW area) but a comedy of errors has landed me in Bowling Green KY