Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 21--- CardioX- Done!

Today was crazy busy.  I wasn't home most of it and when I did get home, I painted the living room and the half bath downstairs.. The baby took a 15ish min nap and was so sleepy all evening.. It wasn't pretty.  I finally got everyone fed (Chinese delivery- I'll be accepting the Mother of the Year award now) put the baby in bed, then came down here to confess that I didn't work out.

I sat at the computer, opened up blogger, even wrote out a title... Then I picked myself up and put on cardioX.   I couldn't deal with the public shame of coming here to say "I blew it on day 21"

Thanks you guys! I needed that.

The baby is feeling better, the big girl is still pretty miserable.  I'm hanging in there, I think I'm almost over it with just a lingering headache.  Tomorrow I am prepared to BRING IT!

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