Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 34 back and biceps

Ahhhh Second new workout of the week.  It was pretty damn great.  I managed to pinpoint why I was so "off" yesterday.  I fed the baby, but not myself.  I was so busy trying to catch up on the cleaning that it just slipped my mind.  So yeah, by the time 4pm rolled around I was so not ready to workout.

Anyway today I did 1/2 of plyo this morning, and back and bi.  LOVED it! Then I had my shakeology like a good little p90xer.

My girl knew I couldn't curl 15lbs anyway lol.

I woke up with considerably more range of motion in my neck, but I still have a spot that is out of whack.  A trip to the chiro helped dramatically.  Then I stopped at Kroger and found that Crystal Light was on sale $5 off when you buy 10.. so I bought 10! AND they have the mocktails in stock so I stocked up on Mojito (yum!)

Anyway, I feel good, there's a roast in the crockpot, and it's PI day! Are you celebrating? I'm waiting for the big girl to get home so she can help me make a lemon icebox pie for dessert.

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