Thursday, February 23, 2012

So here's the deal. ---Updated!--

Thursday = YogaX day.  Um.. Yeah.  Thursday is always the thing that derailed my week. Then, since I didn't work out Thursday, I would skip Friday.  And since I hadn't worked out for 2 days I'd skip Saturday.  As luck would have it Sunday is a rest day.  Hot damn! Monday is the perfect opportunity to start again.

That's what I've done for 9.5 months? Of course that doesn't count the 2 months where I did nothing at all.    Today will be day 14.  I've never made it this far.  I'm still terrified of YogaX.  I did 20 min of it last summer, It was so hard I threw a fit and haven't tried it since.  Now in my defense this is not yoga for beginners.  This is hard core X style yoga.  I'm remarkably flexible for someone that weighs what I do, but even then some things are IMPOSSIBLE.  Either the belly or the boobs make certain positions way out of my reach.  *sigh*

I'm not doing Yoga today.  Instead I'll do KenpoX (it's kinda like Tae Bo, does anyone remember that?, meets hell) But it's fun, it's cardio and it's not yoga, so I'm in! This is where I promise to ATTEMPT Yoga on Sunday.  Sunday is stretch/rest day, so if I fail miserably I haven't ruined my workout.

Did I say Kenpo is fun? I don't know what I was thinking.  Actually I do, today was the first time in months that I've seen the end of that dvd.  I've been quitting half way through.  You know, baby, emails, whatever can give me a reason to stop.  Today I got to the end. The elbow series is something I forgot was even part of this workout.  After yesterday's shoulders and arms, it felt great, gave me a little extra stretch and reminded me that I worked HARD.  So that part was satisfying.  :)

I don't know; it was REALLY REALLY hard today.  My mind isn't in the right place.  The whole time I kept thinking how much I wanted to just stop.  I didn't do any of the jumping jacks; I jumped rope or jogged in place instead.  On a good day jacks are rough for me.  Everything jiggles and it's really demoralizing.  Same with the punches.  I can see my arm fat flapping.  Yuck.  It's very distracting and there are a lot of punches in Kenpo.  Like I said, my mind isn't right today.  Nonetheless, I just pushed play.  I am sitting here dripping with sweat and I'm glad I did it.

Tomorrow is legs and back.  I love legs and back.


  1. You can totally do this!
    Yesterday was a hard one for me too. I had to *force* myself to do my workout, and when I was doing it, I noticed all the jiggling way too much, too. (the punches had the backs of my arms flapping in the wind!) In Ripped in 30 she has one cardio move called "Fast Feet" which is that football thing. OMG. *EVERYTHING* jiggles. Absolutely everything. I started wearing my running tights (which hold things in more) to do my workouts after I tried that one. LOL!

    1. Yes the punches are ruining my life! My workout clothes used to hold stuff in, but not so much anymore.. and it's soooo hard for me to spend $$ on something I'll never wear outside when I have so few clothes that fit in the first place.