Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 13- Shoulders and Arms--DONE!

I really really really love shoulders and arms.  I have little to no upper body strength, but this workout makes me so very happy.  I think this is why

That may be one of my favorite things about P90X.  When you meet people who are or have done it, there is an instant comradery.  And there are a ton of  inside jokes that are only funny if you've BTDT.

Anyway, today was great.  I upped the weight on a few of the exercises.  Lila was particularly helpful! When I was crouched for the Crouching Cohan Curls, she crawled up behind me and tried to lift me up by the butt.. that was nice (I guess LOL) During the lying down tricep extensions she sat on my belly.. as soon as I put the weights down I got kisses!  Here she is doing some tricep kick-backs.  She's a little rock star! 

If you're familiar with the program, you've probably noticed I have said nothing about Ab RipperX.. Yeah.  I'll get to that.  Maybe next week ;-) 


  1. so i've been in a funk for the past 2 days. I've moved less than a bump on a log. So I came over to your blog and seeing cute little Lila and thinking about how you've had to push through so many times helped get me going. And,if one of my littles interrupts I will just encourage them to join in. Elisa especially loves yoga

  2. It's time for you to get out of that funk.. I'm moving into funk town.