Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hanging in here.. mostly

Still haven't worked out, and still have no good reason not to be doing so.  I haven't even been cooking tamales.  I have been  exchanging emails with a local restaurant owner.  I'm optimistic that if I haven't found a kitchen to work out of that I will soon.

I did want to come and post though.  I need this accountability even if it's to come say I suck and I should do better.

I didn't weigh in because it's just so bad.  We've talked about my pms and how I retain insane amounts of water.  I have real numbers to back that up.  Yesterday I weighed in at 223.8.  TODAY.  24 hours later, I'm 215.8.  Yes you read that right.  I shed 8lbs in 24 hours. That's why I can't take big losses or gains too seriously.

Lila had her second birthday.  The kids had a blast, but I could have planned better! 

Rainbow Rice

Dipped marshmallows.. ugly, but the kids loved them! 

 Aqua Beads-- these were the hit of the party! 

Cloud Sand = baby oil and flour.  It is great fun to dump it in the aqua beads.  - gross

kids playing

Standing in the aqua beads

Food! I didn't bother with a cake.  We made rice krispie treats dipped in chocolate

My big girl! 

Oh look! 3 babies standing in the aqua beads! They were literally throwing them across the room. Why didn't I see that coming?!

And now they're sitting.  When we took off Lila's diaper there were no fewer than 15 beads in it.  

Lila wearing the "do do" her Granny sent. 

Personal girl stuff below. Read at your own risk lol

It's been a scary few days.  I had a late period and I've only ever had 3 (4 now)  in my life.  2 of those are my girls.  Let me just say I'm far to old for a pregnancy scare, and the whole part where I'm single.. well, yeah.  Now, I've never claimed that I don't *want* another baby, because I do, but I sooo don't want to be single when I have it! I'm a lot of things and I've made spectacularly bad decisions in my life, but that's selfish and I don't think anyone can call me that and believe it to be true. Anyway, I'm about 90% relieved and 3% sad.  But the drama that would have surrounded a baby right now would not have been pretty at all. I'm positive that potential baby daddy would not have taken this well. This is where that whole being a woman thing sucks.  My biological clock is not just ticking it's like the annoying alarm on my phone.  I feel like I keep hitting snooze and my body is just going to quit on me.

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