Monday, August 13, 2012

Where were we?

August is going to kick ass! Oh, but I'm 2wks into August and I've not done anything. I got back from my long weekend where I partied like a suburban housewife (you'd be surprised) ready to get back on track.   Then my air conditioner was out.  Then I erupted in hives for DAYS of itchy hell.

 The big girl started school Thursday so this is officially our first real week into the new year. I will pull my shit together.   I pulled out the Shakeology first thing this morning so I'd be sure to make one for lunch.  I'm terrible about skipping lunch.  Lila asked for a shake this morning, I laughed it off and gave her some carrots and sugar snap peas with dip.  About half an hour ago she was demanding a snack.  She took me to the kitchen and pointed at my bag of ShakeO! Well alrighty.. It is lunch time and I do need to get on that.  So we split a shake for lunch, all I need is my shoes and I can workout.

Lila says she's ready to workout with me.. I'm gonna take advantage of that and hope she means it! 

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