Monday, August 13, 2012

I did (half of) it!

I know half of chest and back doesn't sound like anything to brag about, but I'm so pleased.  I upped the resistance on the bands.  Instead of doing all the pull-ups on my knees, I sat on my butt to add to the tension.  It added A FREAKIN LOT! I also did decline push-ups.. sorta lol.

 I did them on my knees instead of my toes and I did about 5 of them, but that's better than the standard push-ups that I was subbing for them.

Anyway, I'm sweaty and happy.  How come it's so easy to forget how great I feel after? Cause I need more of that feeling in my life.
There's bad lighting in my  house, but I assure you I'm glistening.. like a pig.  

I forgot to do the weigh in earlier.  221.6 this morning.  I'm not even that upset about it considering the crap I ate and activity I didn't do.  It's way better than the 232.8 that I couldn't bring myself to type last week.  

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  1. Post more post more ! I love your blog !