Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crazy busy day.

I can either clean my apt or I can work out.  I can't seem to get both of those things done in the course of a day.  This morning I cleaned (and accomplished a lot, even cleaning out my closet!)  So when my big girl got home from school I promptly sent her outside with the baby.  There were a few interruptions, but I was pretty happy with today.  I can definitely tell it's been a while.  I only did 6 straight leg chair dips.. I was up to 12 or something, so that's disappointing.  I did more with bent knees, but I kinda felt like a failure.

The kids came in right as I was finishing up.  I collapsed on the couch.  I didn't hit stop.  So the intro to Ab RipperX came on.  Reya tells me I should do it.  I protest.  Then she says "Mom, it's only 15 min. actually it's only 7 you know you'll only do half of it!"  Wow.. talk about being called out! Not only did she call me out, she did it in front of the neighbor's kid.  Yeah.. I did 7 min of Ab RipperX today too.

Little baby Lila joined in as I was embarrassing myself with Fifer Scissors.  That was a lot of adorable.


  1. I know what you mean about cleaning house vs. working out. So funny, yesterday I chose cleaning house & I did so for over 3 hours! Now I don't care who you are, at that point I'm considering THAT a workout haha.

    Way to let your kiddo influence you to push.