Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 27 & 28

Here's where I confess... I blew it on day 27.  A million things happened and there ya go.  I could list all the excuses, but I blew it.

Today I made up for it though! I got up and BROUGHT IT when I did KenpoX.. I cannot believe how much I was (am) sweating.  Then I did X Stretch as my cool down.  (and I finished both before 9am which I consider an accomplishment!)

Little Lila was stoked to workout with me this morning.  I was scrambling to get shoes and my hair pulled up.  She'd point at the tv and scream at me.  I'd ask if she was ready to workout with me and she nodded her little head "yes"

About 1/2 way through Kenpo she was soooo over my workout lol.  I grabbed her an apple treat during the break.  With 15 min left she started yelling at the TV because she wanted cartoons.

If you're a parent you can imagine the sounds that came with that face.  I explain that as soon as Mommy is done she can watch cartoons.  (yes, that's apple on the floor lol) 

So here I start stressing out.. Baby's freaking out, and I still have an hour of X Stretch that I *have* to do today.  I could try and crank it out later, or I could push through.  I changed DVDs while she was distracted.  She caught on.. she's smart like that.  For revenge my little darling climbed the stairs and played in the dog's water bowl.  I let her! I know, terrible parenting, but she was sooo happy, and I was able to finish X Stretch.  

Anyway-- I kinda blew it, but I'm feeling ok with it.  Tomorrow is Core Synergistics again.  I'm visibly (to me.. not when dressed) swollen on the right side of my abdomen.  Gonna be super diligent on the water and hopefully it'll go down.  

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