Monday, February 20, 2012

Ouch! 259.4

I woke up with a carb hangover.  I've been up for 52 minutes now and I'm still dragging.  So, Monday is probably the worst "weigh in day" I could have picked... WTH was I thinking? I have 9lbs of weekend bloat.  Yes.. I said bloat because no one gains 9lbs over a weekend.  No one.  On that same token no one loses 9lbs over 2-3 days either.  It's all (or at least most) water weight.  It doesn't count.  *sigh* but now I get to lose it again.  --At the same time, those big losses are rather validating.  Past experience tells me that Tuesday I'll have a big loss.. sometimes 3-5lbs..and if I really buckle down by the time next Monday rolls around I could lose the 9lbs of bloat, and if I'm lucky 1-2 more.  Now that's something to hope for!

Today is chest and back in P90X world, naturally I'll update as soon as it's done.  In a perfect world that'll be soonish, but you never know.  I may have to wait for my big girl to get home from school so she can tend to the baby.  Right now, breakfast is calling.  2 eggs, 1 sausage patty (those pre-made patties are the best thing I've ever purchased. Talk about portion size made easy!) 1/2 an onion, and a handful of chopped mushrooms all scrambled. Topped with an obscene amount of salsa;  mo matter how I try I'm never going to like eggs.   I'll eat the lion's share, Lila will eat the baby share, and Stella - the beloved doggie-  will clean up!

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