Friday, July 13, 2012

I think Yoga kicks my butt more than anything else.

And that blows my mind.  Today I hurt.  I'm used to the "I used those muscles, and I'm kinda sore" the next day, but today I HURT.  I will be stretching it out very very soon.  I mentioned yesterday after I finished it, that my form was way better than it ever has been.  That specifically applies to upward dog.  I was up and my hips were off the floor and I felt great.. til this morning! Oh. Em. Gee.  My biceps are feeling that!

While I'm at it.. Am I really going to wake up every day for the rest of my life in some sort of pain!? That feels like a horribly unfair penalty for trying to become healthier.  

Legs n back today.  It's nice to have a workout that makes me feel like a bad ass after the one that makes me feel more inept than I ever have before.  

Way way OT, but I have to brag on my big girl.  She's so sweet to her mama.  She's been planning my birthday cake since the last one.  I put her off over and over again, but she REALLY wanted to make me one so I finally caved and let her buy the stuff she needed.  

My girl made me turtle cupcakes! I had one two, and sent the rest outside for neighbor kids.  

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