Monday, April 16, 2012

Damnit.. I got click happy and lost my post!

Alright-- take 2

Week 6 take 3-- yeah.. I suck, but I'm back.  Today is chest, shoulders and triceps.  I'm dressed and ready to go (as soon as I sweep the goldfish crackers off of my living room floor) I'm just waiting for the big girl to come home to entertain the little one.

It's Monday that means weigh in day.  I'm at 233.8 this morning, and I'm cool with that.

I just realized I have 15 weeks til a big weekend.  I'm gonna go visit some amazing friends that I haven't seen in *years* and I'd like to show up looking all hot.  I was 300+ lbs last time I saw these girls so I'm really wanting to step it up!

I didn't come up with the plan early enough to start today, but starting tomorrow It's on.  I'm doing doubles.  I'm shooting for 3lbs a week which will put me at 45lbs lost by early August.  That's 188ish..

I will up the water- I've been slacking and I need to drink more during the summer anyway.  I will utilize shakeology.  I will be diligent about what I eat.  (I say this after a carb-tastic weekend.  I had made it down to 229.4, but rice krispie treats and pirate booty got the better of me)

If I stall I will not panic or become discouraged.  It happens and when it does I come back with a big loss.  I will channel emotional angst into cardio.  I was good at that for a while then I got lazy and started smoking.  Oops.. Yeah gotta quit that too.

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