Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 30-- cautiously optimistic.

Today I woke up 4lbs lighter than I was when I went to bed.  That puts me at "losing" 7lbs in 2 days.  Now, that's in quotes because no one LOSES 7lbs in 10 days.  Instead I managed to quit retaining the water I've been holding on to for weeks.  I'm at a new low weight 249.4 (by .4lbs) I haven't been here since Feb. 17th (by comparison Feb 20th, I was at 259. 4)  I guess Monday will show if I've actually managed to break this plateau.

What I did --
I drank an obscene amount of fluids.  I'm aiming for a gallon a day.  Sometimes I get less..
I ate more.. yes, more.  I wasn't doing well with the 3 meals a day. Yesterday I even had a mid morning snack (Shakeology!) along with my 3 whole meals.
I started going to bed earlier.  No more hanging out and playing on the phone after I put Lila in bed.. I was snoozing with her.

I've been waiting for this big loss for a while now.  As long as Monday puts me within 3lbs of this weight I'll be a happy girl.  I'll probably post some pics later.  Today's YogaX.. and I'm looking forward to it!

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